After School Art Club (Year 2 onwards)

Term 2 -  Monday 1 November 2021

@St Mary's Primary School, Colton


Spaces limited to 10 per class

Over the seven week course children will be doing process based, fun art activities linked to three artists. There is also a pay as you go option below to try the first class.

We will also work through the National Art Awards in each class which can result in certificates and Nationally recognised qualifications. Extra fees will be required to register for the certificates and moderations, but your child can still take part in the activities without gaining the official qualifications. The fee for the Discover Award is £10 and includes a booklet to work through and a certificate.

* Professionally run classes by a qualified & experienced artist & teacher.

Opportunity to gain National Arts Award accredited qualifications. 

* Imagine, explore, acquire new skills, gain confidence, make and gain a lifelong passion for art & creative thinking

* Learn drawing, painting,  print making and many more skills...

* Most importantly all classes are fun

Each child has their own art pack containing all of the materials, paper/pens paints/brushes to use during the lesson so that they do not need to share equipment. 



1 November  2021 - 3.30-4.30pm

8 November 2021 - 3.30-4.30pm

15 November 2021 - 3.30-4.30pm

22 November 2021- 3.30-4.30pm

29 November 2021 - 3.30- 4.30pm

6 December 2021 - 3.30-4.30pm

13 December 2021 - 3.30-4.30pm

 7 week art course - £68.60


Pay as You go - One class



Booking Information

Booking Consent form (Please complete this before your child starts the club and send the form by email to


We will explore new materials and methods, with finished work available to take home. There will be brilliant art discoveries while we build, make and create. Guided exploration encouraging hands-on, creative, open-ended learning. We'll focus on the process rather than the outcome, but that doesn't mean that there won't be fantastic pieces of art work to bring home.

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