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The Best Art Classes for Kids

Welcome to Acrylic Afternoons Art Center



We offer exploratory art & making experiences to everyone.   


We facilitate learning through art and offer opportunities to create. By giving space and encouragement we share the belief that there are no mistakes in the process of making art, just realisations and discoveries that we wouldn’t otherwise have  come across.


Creative thinkers need confidence to create, grow , experiment and flourish.




My daughter had so much fun at the Iguana Art Summer class. The classes are always really creative, fun, and  help the children destress from the current climate.  I think it’s Emma’s attitude of genuine interest in the children's ideas and her encouragement to explore.  It's a great space to try things out, have a think, explore some more.  A wonderful learning space, full of positivity.

                                                                                      - Amanda S.


Hello, my name's Emma...



I started running 'Creative Maker' sessions in 2019 after several years spent working in Italy and raising a family.  My passion lies in creating textured, abstract acrylic painting, oil pastel drawing and I enjoy exploring mosaics. My work has featured in several local exhibitions where I have also won awards.


With over over 10 years of experience and expertise working with children creatively, the sessions are a free exploration of methods and materials.


Children (and adults) are free to make choices, and then change their minds - there is no right or wrong, just safe practise and exciting art discoveries.  We look at a new theme each week which leads to  brilliant creations!

We also have ART PARTY TAKEAWAY boxes  and FAMILY CRAFT packs to inspire your making. Get in touch for updates or join our mailing list below. Send a photo or tag us - We'll see you soon!



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